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Global Village

Aired Saturday evenings on Radio Two from June 8, 1995 to March 17, 2007. Originally a summer series, Global Village was added to the regular Network schedule on February 24, 1996. It was an hour-long program hosted by Jowi Taylor featuring music from around the world , sometimes known as World Beat. But it also had an editorial angle that offered listeners “the news of the world in the world of music”. Documentary reports from CBC Radio’s foreign correspondents offered insight into other countries and their particular cultural and political struggles.



"Tapestry examines faith as a force in the world: in politics, art, history, and in our own lives. It tells stories of quest and yearning. It seeks out leaders and thinkers - as well as ordinary people who are searching for inspiration”.

Aired Sunday afternoons on Radio One. Debuted Sunday, September 11, 1994. Original host, Peter Downie; Producer, Peter Skinner. Later produced by Marieke Meyer and Susan Mahoney.


Sound Advice

Aired from Noon to 1:30PM Saturdays on Radio Two, sometimes shortened when the followng live opera broadcasts from the Met started earlier than usual.

Debuted September 10, 1994. 


Roots and Wings

Aired Sunday at 5pm on Radio Two; debuted in 1993. This one-hour program of folk music featured international singers and songwriters with a particular bent toward the unusual. While commercial recordings were featured, the show paid particular attention to independent artists and performers.

Host/Producer: Philly Markowitz

Written by John Corcelli - April, 2007


After Hours

This two-hour program of jazz recordings was first scheduled on Sunday nights in 1993, originating from Winnipeg, and was hosted by Ross Porter. Porter offered listeners his particular take on mainstream Jazz with an emphasis on Canadian musicians. In 1995 the regular Sunday evening program was extended to weeknights. This move offered the production team the chance to produce original documentaries on Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra.


Vinyl Cafe, The

A weekly variety program, on CBC Radio/Radio One network, featuring stories by Stuart McLean.

Debuted June 6, 1994. One hour.


This Morning

 A daily current affairs program featuring politics, music, literature and spoken word. Debuted in September 1997 to 2002. Hosts: Michael Enright [1997-2000], Avril Benoit [1997-1999], Shelagh Rogers [1999-2002]. SEE: Morningside; This Country in the Morning.

John Corcelli - May, 2002



Take Five

A daily classical music program, on Radio Two, featuring listener requests and recorded concerts from Canadian concert halls. Debuted September, 1997.

Hosts: Shelagh Rogers [1997-2001], Shelley Solmes [2001-2004].

 The program was replaced in 2004 by Here's To You, which was also hosted by Shelly Solmes.


Arts Tonight, The

A daily Arts program from Toronto on the Stereo network, from 6:30pm to 7:00pm. Debuted November 14, 1988. Host: Shelagh Rogers.



Saturday Night Blues

A weekly program featuring Blues music. Debuted December 12, 1987. Saturday nights at 10pm.

Host: Holger Peterson.

Originated from Edmonton, Alberta.



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