North West Territories

CHAK-TV (CBC Northern TV Service), Inuvik

, Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

On May 16, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation received approval to operate a television station at Inuvik, on channel 6 with effective radiated power of 3,000 watts video and 300 watts audio. Antenna height (EHAAT) would be 394 feet.

CHAK-TV signed on the air on August 22. It was associated with CHAK-AM.

CHAK-TV-1 Fort McPherson was launched on November 8.

On July 3, CHAK-TV was authorized to decrease effective radiated power from 3,000 watts to 122 watts. At the time, the CRTC noted that CHAK-TV was originally licensed to provide coverage to Inuvik and Aklavik as well as to provide an over-the-air feed to CHAK-TV-1 Fort McPherson. However CHAK-TV-1 was now fed via satellite and an application for a new satellite-fed low power transmitter at Aklavik (CBEX-TV) was approved by the Commission on 18 December 1984. The Commission noted this reduction in power would not reduce the station's coverage area in Inuvik and the change would not take effect until the CBEX-TV was implemented, so as not to deprive the Aklavik area of the CBC service.

CBEX-TV Aklavik was launched February 10.

Written by Bill Dulmage - September, 2007