Newfoundland & Labrador

CKSJ-FM (Oldies Classic Hits), St. John's

, Andrew Newman & Andrew Bell

On June 3, Andrew Newman (51%) and Andrew Bell (49%), on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated received approval to operate a new FM station at St. John’s. A competing application by Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (CJON-TV and CHOZ-FM) was denied. The new station would operate on a frequency of 101.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 20,000 watts. The station would offer an adult contemporary music format targeted to adults aged 24-54 years, with a particular appeal to females within that group. All of the programming would be locally produced and most of it would be live-to-air. Mr. Newman is an experienced broadcaster familiar with the St. John's radio market and Mr. Bell has many years of business experience in Newfoundland and Labrador, including 11 years of media buying.  

CKSJ-FM “Coast 101.1 FM” signed on the air at 6:00 a.m., February 15.

The corporate name was Coast Broadcasting Ltd.

On January 8, CKSJ-FM changed format from Adult Contemporary to Classic Hits. It retained the “Coast 101.1” name.

For the record, studios and offices were located at
Suite 201, 95 Bonaventure Avenue in St. John’s.

On June 30, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for the English-language commercial radio station CKSJ-FM St. John's from 1 July 2010 to 31 August 2013. This short-term licence renewal will enable the Commission to review the licensee's compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 at an earlier date. In Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2009-786, the Commission noted that the licensee may have failed to comply with section 9(2) of the Radio Regulations, 1986, which relates to the provision of annual returns, for broadcast years 2004 through 2007.

CKSJ changed format from Hot Adult Contemporary to Oldies-Classic Hits.

On August 1, CKSJ-FM received approval to add a rebroadcasting transmitter at Bluff Point, operating at 107.5 MHz with an average ERP of 11,630 watts (maximum ERP of 25,500 watts).

                                                             Bill Dulmage - Updated August 2014

Written by Bill Dulmage - May, 2007