Newfoundland & Labrador

CKFE-FM (campus), St. John's

, Memorial University of Newfoundland Radio Society

CHMR started as a HI-FI club and over time, evolved into a closed-circuit operation feeding campus cafeterias and society rooms.

On October 4, CHMR was awarded a carrier current licence to broadcast in the Paton College residence. The station would braodcast on 860 kHz with a power of 20 watts.

CHMR was granted a special licence to broadcast during the Canada Summer Games.

On August 7, Memorial University of Newfoundland Radio Society was granted a licence to operate a student FM station at St. John's on 93.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 50 watts (replacing the carrier current station).

CHMR-FM signed on the air in October.

CHMR moved its offices and studios to the 2nd floor of the south annex of the newly built University Center.

                                           Written by Bill Dulmage - Updated February, 2010