CIMG-FM (The Eagle 94.1), Swift Current

, Frontier City Broadcasting

On April 12, Norman Edward Soper on behalf of a company to be incorporated, received approval to operate a new FM station in Swift Current. It would offer a mostly country & western format and operate on a frequency of 94.1 MHz with effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. The CRTC noted that two of the individuals that would hold an equity interest in the new station also held public office in the market: Stanley Horner would be President and a director of the company; Eugene Walker would be a director.

CIMG-FM 94.1 signed on the air October 20. The station was owned by Grasslands Broadcasting Ltd. The licensee consisted of six limited partners (Stanley R. Horner, James F. Warren, Kenneth Baba, Eugene Walker, Joyce Walker and  Naseeb James Shaheen) and a general partner named Grasslands Broadcasting Ltd., and operated collectively as Grasslands FM, a Limited Partnership.

CIMG-FM received a two year licence renewal. Foreground and faulty logger tapes were problems.

On March 1, the CRTC denied the application to amend the licence for CIMG-FM by changing the music format from Group I (Pop, Rock and Dance) to Group II (Country) and by increasing the weekly level of hits from 49% to 80%. The Commission took into account the poor financial situation of the licensee, and its arguments that these amendments could result in a more profitable operation of CIMG-FM. The Commission was, however, concerned with the documented and repeated instances of non-compliance by the licensee with respect to the regulations regarding logger tapes.

On August 24, CIMG-FM had its licence renewed until August of 1997.  This was the third time that CIMG-FM had been issued a short-term licence renewal due to concerns relating to the licensee's non-compliance with the logger tape provisions of the regulations. The CRTC advised the licensee that it would be expected to show cause at the hearing why the Commission should not issue a mandatory order requiring CIMG-FM to comply with section 8 of the regulations.
At the public hearing, the licensee acknowledged its non-compliance with the requirements of section 8 of the regulations, and outlined the further steps that it had taken to ensure that CIMG-FM operated in compliance. Specifically, the licensee stated that it had contracted the services of technical personnel from CKSW-AM.  The Commission noted the licensee consisted of six limited partners and a general partner named Grasslands Broadcasting Ltd., and operated collectively as Grasslands FM, a Limited Partnership. The partnership leased the assets of CIMG-FM from Grasslands Broadcasting Ltd. and the general partner oversaw the day-to-day operations of the station.

On November 8, Frontier City Broadcasting Co. Ltd. received approval to purchase CIMG-FM from Grasslands Broadcasting Ltd. It was noted that CIMG-FM had been unprofitable over the three years preceding filing of this application. Frontier City is the owner of CKSW-AM in Swift Current.

Golden West Broadcasting purchased Frontier City Broadcasting.

CIMG became “The Eagle 94.1” on September 3, with a format featuring pop and rock from the past four decades.

On February 3, Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. was awarded a licence for a second FM station in Swift Current.  The station went on the air later in the year as CKFI-FM.

On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CIMG-FM until August 31, 2016.

                                      Written by Bill Dulmage - Updated December, 2010