British Columbia, Northern B.C.

CIAJ-FM (Aboriginal Christian), Prince Rupert

, Aboriginal Christian Voice Network

On October 18, the CRTC approved application by the Christian Family Inspirational Radio Ministries to operate a specialty FM radio programming undertaking at Prince Rupert on 100.7 MHz non-directional, with an effective radiated power of 26.5 watts.  The station was to feature predominantly Christian music along with spoken word religious programming.  It was stipulated that it would operate as a non-profit, non-commercial station with revenues being generated through listener pledges.

Call letters CIAJ-FM were assigned by Industry Canada and the station identified as “New Life FM”.

When the licence was renewed by the CRTC on October 26, it was noted that the Christian Family Inspirational Radio Ministries had become the Aboriginal Christian Voice Network.

                                                                 Updated by Gord Lansdell - March 2008