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While this list of national network programs is extensive, it is not necessarily comprehensive. We are grateful to the sources listed below, whose assistance has been invaluable, but we welcome additions both to the list and to the program details section, and corrections where necessary. 
Our Foundation does not hold copies of any programs, and it is our experience that very few program series that involved viewer participation were ever made available to the public. Anyone hoping to find a copy of an old show should go to the website of the station/network on which the program appeared, and ask if they can help.
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Des dames de cœur

In the serial drama, “Des dames de coeur”, which debuted on SRC on December 8th 1986, Lise Payette and her daughter Sylvie Payette explored the thoughts and interrogations of four women approaching their fifties. The most illustrious character in this serial drama was Jean-Paul Belleau played by Gilbert Sicotte. This shameless and irresistible Don Juan charmed more than one member of the opposite sex.



 In the comedy Manon, Suzanne Aubry, Guy Fournier, Jean-Raymond Marcoux and Francine Ruel recounted the daily lives of several characters who worked in a Local Community Service Centre.

In 1985-86 (first broadcast: December 3, 1985), Radio-Canada aired 46 episodes of Manon. This comedy, directed by Rolland Guay, Gilbert Lepage, Claude Maher and Gary Plaxton,  starred Linda Sorgini, Claude Laroche and Vincent Bilodeau.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006


Le parc des Braves

Le Parc des Braves, a TV soap opera written by Fernand Dansereau, and broadcast from 1984 (first program on September 16) to 1988, starred Marie Tifo and Gérard Poirier. From 1984 to 1988, Radio-Canada  aired 136 episodes of Le Parc des Braves. It was directed by Rolland Guay, Hélène Roberge, André Tousignant and René Verne.


Poivre et sel

From 1983 to 1987, Gilles Richer wrote the series Poivre et Sel (Pepper and Salt) that was inspired by an incident involving a very lively older couple, who were eating and drinking at a nearby table in a restaurant in Florida. All of a sudden, the couple got up and started to dance together between the tables to the great astonishment of the other clients in the restaurant.


La vie promise

In the serial drama La vie promise, Marcel Dubé told the story of two families from different social backgrounds brought together by the love that their respective children felt for one other.

The series began on SRC on September 15th 1983, and from then to 1985, Radio-Canada broadcast 71 episodes of La vie promise. This serial drama, directed by Aimé Forget, Florent Forget, Céline Hallée, Geneviève Houle and Gilles Sénécal, starred Paul Hébert and Gilles Pelletier.


Monsieur le ministre

From 1982 to 1986, the authors Michèle Bazin and Solange Chaput-Rolland fashioned a fictional world of politics in the TV soap opera Monsieur le Ministre, with Minister Alain Robert being played by Michel Dumont, and his wife Louise, by Andrée Lachapelle.

Radio-Canada aired 142 episodes of the series that was directed by Raymonde Boucher, André Bousquet, Jean-Marc Drouin, Hélène Roberge and Gilles Sénécal.

In addition to Michel Dumont and Andrée Lachapelle, the cast included the actors Émile Genest, Nathalie Gadouas, Jacques Lussier and Stéphanie Laplante.



In the comedy Métro-boulot-dodo, Louise Bureau, Réal Giguère and Claude Jasmin depicted the adventures of a businesswoman and the people she dealt with at work.

From 1982 (first broadcast: September 12) to 1983, Radio-Canada aired 35 episodes of the comedy series Métro-boulot-dodo. Directed by Maude Martin and Daniel Roussel, this show starred Dominique Michel and Donald Pilon.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006


La bonne aventure

Lise Payette, talk show host, politician and author

In the serial drama “La bonne aventure”, Lise Payette explored the daily lives of four women by way of their secrets, their disputes, their joys and their disappointments.


Allo Boubou

A direct descendant of the program Bou-Bou that aired in the early 1970s, and still hosted by Jacques Boulanger, Allo Boubou aired from 1981 to 1985, at noon. This variety show was broadcast from Complexe Desjardins, located in downtown Montreal. Jacques Boulanger would play host to numerous artists (singers and other performers). The program also featured fashion shows, circus acts and many other kinds of performances designed to entertain the TV audience.


Le temps d’une paix

Written by Pierre Gauvreau, the TV soap opera Le temps d'un paix took place in the interlude between the two Great Wars in the picturesque Charlevoix region. This period, between 1919 and 1939, witnessed the evolution of the trade union movement and the entry of women into the job market.



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