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Our Foundation does not hold copies of any programs, and it is our experience that very few program series that involved viewer participation were ever made available to the public. Anyone hoping to find a copy of an old show should go to the website of the station/network on which the program appeared, and ask if they can help.
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Broadcast from the fall of 1991 until February 21, 2005, Watatatow was a TV soap opera that portrayed the lives of adolescents. It made use of a good deal of ingenuity and finesse to explore various themes such as AIDS, abortion, heartbreak, single-parent families, families with adopted children, homosexuality and several others. 

The program was also renowned for its impressive number of characters. Only five of them, notably Michel Couillard, played by Hugo Saint-Cyr, participated in all 13 seasons that the show was on the air.




In the serial drama Marilyn, Lise and Sylvie Payette recount the adventures of a widow who does housework in private homes in order to earn a living. 


La course destination monde

In this program, that traced its roots back to a program first produced in 1978, in cooperation with the Community of French-Language Television Programmes, lucky globetrotters would be selected for a six-month adventure and initially flown to Paris where they would then leave for a country of their choice.



Broadcast from 1990 to 1995, Vazimolo was hosted by André Robitaille. A segment of each program was devoted to a guest artist, during which time André and his guest would do a sketch with costumes and sets in which they would act out one of the guest's dreams. This was followed by a short interview and near the end of the show, André and his guest would autograph a sweater by leaving a hand imprint on it, to the great pleasure of the lucky winner.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2006


Les filles de Caleb

The TV series Les filles de Caleb, adapted by Fernand Dansereau from the novel by Arlette Cousture, remains today as one of the most beautiful productions ever made on Canadian television. Twenty (20) episodes of the series were broadcast in 1990 and 1991. 


Un signe de feu

In the TV soap opera Un signe de feu, Lise Payette and Sylvie Payette created a sequel that related developments in the romantic, personal and professional relationships of the characters from the series Des dames de coeur (1986) and La bonne aventure (1982).

From 1989 to 1991, Radio-Canada aired 56 episodes of Un signe de feu. This TV soap opera, directed by Raymonde Crête, Jean-Yves Laforce, Lucile Leduc, Royal Marcoux and Maude Martin, starred Andrée Boucher, Nathalie Gascon, Luce Guilbeault, Michelle Rossignol, Louise Rémy and Gilbert Sicotte.


L’or et le papier

The TV soap opera L'or et le papier was broadcast between 1989 and 1992. The first episode, which aired on October 18, 1989, featured a family of industrialists, the Laflammes, whose ambitious father Raymond neglected his kin in favour of his company, Les Papiers La Source, that was undertaking a spectacular breakthrough in France. 



The comedy CTYVON described the adventures of a retiree who starts up a TV network in his own home.

In 1989 (first broadcast: September 4) and 1990, Radio-Canada aired 148 episodes of CTYVON. This comedy, directed by Marie Brissette and Richard Lalumière, starred Yvon Deschamps, Normand Brathwaite, Normand Chouinard, Michèle Deslauriers and Diane Lavallée. 

Airing daily, this program, which took place in the wonderful world of television, did not meet expectations and was withdrawn from the programming schedule after only one season.



In the serial drama, L’héritage, Victor-Lévy Beaulieu described the problems encountered by a family from Trois-Pistoles, in which the father, Xavier, was an unbearably authoritarian figure.


Lance et compte (I)

This TV series, written by Réjean Tremblay, Fabienne Larouche and Louis Caron, broke new ground with decidedly modern TV production values, employing a dynamic style imported from the movies.

Lance et compte was broadcast between 1986 and 1988 by Radio-Canada. Sequels were later aired by TQS in 2002 and by TVA in 2004 and 2006.



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