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While this list of national network programs is extensive, it is not necessarily comprehensive. We are grateful to the sources listed below, whose assistance has been invaluable, but we welcome additions both to the list and to the program details section, and corrections where necessary. 
Our Foundation does not hold copies of any programs, and it is our experience that very few program series that involved viewer participation were ever made available to the public. Anyone hoping to find a copy of an old show should go to the website of the station/network on which the program appeared, and ask if they can help.
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La Galère

La Galère launched on February 13, 2007. The scriptwriter was Renée-Claude Brazeau. The cast included Hélène Florent (Stéphanie), Brigitte Lafleur (Mimi), Anne Casabonne (Claude) and Geneviève Rochette (Isabelle).

In the 1990s, four girlfriends were at a party together and decided to write down on four scraps of paper what they hoped to do with their lives in the future. They put their wishes into a bottle of vodka and promised each other to reread them together one day.



On the air since 2001, L'épicerie was initially hosted by Marie-Josée Taillefer and Denis Gagné. In 2007, Johane Despins took over from Marie-Josée.

The issues about what we eat are endless and propelled the L'épicerie team in every which direction: nutritional value, economics and consumption, marketing, culture and society.


Une heure sur terre

An hour in Brazil, an hour in Afghanistan, an hour in South Africa ... Radio-Canada's correspondents and special envoys, like Michel Cormier and Raymond Saint-Pierre, provided a unique perspective on current events on the international scene. The host, Jean-François Lépine, conducted interviews on the program's set with individuals - academics, artists, journalists - who transcended the boundaries of their countries of birth, wherever they went, to forge links with others.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - January, 2012


Tout sur moi

The actors Macha Limonchik, Éric Bernier and Valérie Blais played themselves in this comedy series from the author Stéphane Bourguignon. The show was based on the real lives of these three friends, who'd known each other for some 15 years, in order to dramatize the gritty reality that was the artistic milieu and the profession of being an actor. The celebrities who hung out with them also played themselves with their own real names.


La petite séduction

The host Dany Turcotte went on the road with a guest and got the latter to discover one of the many localities that make up a country, which might just as easily be in the Province of Quebec, as in one of many francophone communities located in other Canadian provinces. In each of the villages visited, everyone got into the act to make the visit a memorable event. It was uplifting to see all these villagers put their creativity to work and invoke all kinds of incredible strategies to charm their guest. Nothing was spared and everyone worked towards the same goal: a successful seduction.


Les Lionnes

La fosse aux lionnes (later simply rebaptized Les Lionnes) saw the light of day in the fall 2005 with Renée-Claude Brazeau, Johane Despins and Anne-Marie Withenshaw as hosts. Every day, the program would welcome one or two personalities, in addition to offering its viewers, via comments from its various contributors, points of view that were remarkable, funny and insightful regarding all kinds of things that were going on around us.


Les coulisses du pouvoir

The program Les coulisses du pouvoir was initially built upon in-depth interviews with a political personality involved in an issue making the headlines. Other complementary interviews were added depending upon how events unfolded. The program also made a lot of room for political analyses, putting to good use the extensive experience of Radio-Canada's bureau chiefs in Ottawa and Quebec City.



Enquête (formerly Enjeux) was an investigative journalism TV show hosted by Alain Gravel and broadcast since 1997 on the Radio-Canada TV network and the Réseau de l'information (RDI). Alain Gravel was a Québec journalist, who had worked on local, regional, national and international information programs, both in radio and television, in the news and public affairs sectors.

Enquête was at the origin of several public inquiries that arose pursuant to groundbreaking revelations made in its feature stories.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2012


Des kiwis et des hommes

Des kiwis et des hommes, hosted by Francis Reddy and Boucar Diouf, was a daily TV show where on any given day, local chefs and chefs from out of town would cheerfully get together, along with Jean-Talon Market merchants who happen to be passing by, as well as an eclectic group of open-minded men and women. Kiwis et les hommes relied upon an impressive selection of chefs and chroniclers who dropped in to share their savoir-faire and passion with the TV audience.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - February, 2012


Tout le monde en parle

Rare is the program whose name fits it like a glove. A Quebec adaptation of the influential French TV program hosted by Thierry Ardisson, Tout le monde en parle was hosted in Quebec by Guy A. Lepage, supported by the ineffable Court Jester, Dany Turcotte, and was broadcast Sunday evenings at 20:00, but recorded on Thursday evenings so that it could be painstakingly edited, in order to retain only the most punchy elements.

Laughter, reflections and emotionally charged incidents were brewed together on the set, with guests who were in the news, or provoking newsworthy events.



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