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Canadian programs on Société Radio-Canada Television (SRC) since its inception (by year of launch)
While this list of national network programs is extensive, it is not necessarily comprehensive. We are grateful to the sources listed below, whose assistance has been invaluable, but we welcome additions both to the list and to the program details section, and corrections where necessary. 
Our Foundation does not hold copies of any programs, and it is our experience that very few program series that involved viewer participation were ever made available to the public. Anyone hoping to find a copy of an old show should go to the website of the station/network on which the program appeared, and ask if they can help.
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Bonjour, Bon jour

Aired weekday mornings from September 1977 to May 1978. Repeated during the summer of 1978.

This 15-minute program was aimed at preschool children and was more of an entertainment show than an educational program. The program was bilingual, in French and English, but not was specifically about learning a language.


Grujot and Delicat

Aired Sunday mornings from May to November, 1969

This children's program was written and produced by Clemence Desrochers. The adventures of a cat (Grujot) and a rabbit (Delicat.) Catchphrase: "C'est comme l'oeuf de Chriiiiiiiiiiistophe Colombe!"

Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005


Ballades et Chansons

Aired Sunday evenings in the summer of 1969 and 1970

Considering the changing face of popular music in the year of Woodstock, this music program was significant for many reasons. First is was a Radio-Canada production on English television and second, it was bilingual. Each show featured soloists, small groups and choirs from various regions in Canada with selections performed in French and English.

Producer: Lisette LeRoyer

Host: Jacques Fauteux


Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005


Fleurs d'Amour

Fleurs d'amour

Aired Sundays during the summer of 1968

A half hour program from the fabulous sixties, Nanette and Rony Roman were featured on this psychedelic show.


Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005


Jeunesse Oblige

Aired Tuesdays, after school, from September 1964 to June 1965.

Produced in Montreal, this segment of the Music Hop show starred Jean-Pierre Ferland in the first half and Pierre Lalonde in the second half of the season. [See Music Hop]

Written by John Corcelli - May, 2005


Temps Present

Aired at various times from August 1962 to September 1963.

This show was dedicated to films produced by the Quebec wing of the National Film Board of Canada. Originally produced for Radio-Canada, these productions found a home on the English network for two seasons beginning in 1962. Producer: Fernand Dansereau. [See The Candid Eye and Explorations]

Season One highlights:

The Gold Seekers, directed by Jacques Giraldeau

Visit to a Foreign Country, by Michel Brault and Claude Jutra

September 5 at St. Henri, by Hubert Aquin


Pepinot & Capucine

Aired Sunday afternoons at 5:30 PM for two seasons January to June 1954 and September 1954 to June 1955.

A 30 minute puppet show for children, originating at CBC Montreal, and first broadcast in French on September 7, 1952. The English version debuted in January of 1954. Like most children's shows at the time, the program told the adventures of a brother and sister, Pepinot and Capucine, Mr. Black, their pet bear, and their friend, Mr. White, the inventor.



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