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While this list of national network programs is extensive, it is not necessarily comprehensive. We are grateful to the sources listed below, whose assistance has been invaluable, but we welcome additions both to the list and to the program details section, and corrections where necessary. 
Our Foundation does not hold copies of any programs, and it is our experience that very few program series that involved viewer participation were ever made available to the public. Anyone hoping to find a copy of an old show should go to the website of the station/network on which the program appeared, and ask if they can help.
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Le rôle-titre de Marilyn était joué par Louisette Dussault.

Dans le téléroman «Marilyn», Lise et Sylvie Payette racontaient les aventures 


Les beaux dimanches

À partir du 11 septembre 1966, Radio-Canada mettait en ondes une nouvelle émission hebdomadaire consacrée aux productions culturelles de langue française. Elle s'appelait «Les Beaux Dimanches».


Les Poupées russes

Broadcast initially in January 2002, the TV soap opera Les poupées russes, a work by Anne Boyer and Michel d'Astous, will air for five consecutive seasons until 2007.


Soif de vivre

Broadcast for two seasons, in 1996 and 1997, with 13 episodes per season, Soif de vivre recounted the highs and lows of some thirtysomethings who were torn between two excessive traits - the selfishness of the babyboomers and the grumblings of Generation X. 

This social commentary was produced by Production JBM and directed by Gilbert Lepage. Amongst the actors starring in this series were Luc Guérin in the role of Yves Fradette, Norman D'Amour (Alain Dalpé), Sophie Vadja (Madame Pearson), Fabien Dupuis (Richard) and Marie Charlebois (André-Dominique Girard).


Toast et Café

Toast et café was truly the very first morning talk show broadcast live on Quebec television. It aired from 1965 to 1969. The host Dominique Michel and her colleagues quickly grasped that just talking about anything and everything would not be sufficient to keep the interest of the TV audience. They thus decided to invite guests onto their show. Dominique Michel was replaced by Fernand Gignac, who was later replaced by Paolo Noël, as well as Lucien "Frenchie" Jarraud. In addition to reporting on current events and news, there were also music, advice and even yoga courses.



Privé de sens

Having fun with our five senses and the meanings of words was the essence of this TV game show, Privé de sens hosted by Normand Brathwaite. Every day, for 30 minutes, two teams of two players, each one teamed up with an artist, did all they could to accumulate as many points as possible, to reach the finals and collect the cash prizes. During any given week, a total of four teams participated in the show. On Friday, the two best pairs squared off to determine the winner of the grand finale.

Written by Yvon Chouinard - January, 2012


30 vies

A daily TV soap opera created by the author Fabienne Larouche, broadcast as of January 10, 2011, 30 vies introduced us to Gabrielle, played by Marina Orsini, a teacher in a multiethnic high school. We followed the stories and intrigues of her 29 students. Thanks to the "investigations" conducted by Gabrielle, a stubborn, dedicated and somewhat rebellious woman, the problems of her flock were eventually resolved. But the series was above all the story of lives that intersect, and often clash.



Broadcast as of January 2010, Mirador was the name of a public relations firm directed by Richard Racine and his two sons, Philippe and Luc. Each of them had their own approach to managing scandals and manipulating public opinion to protect the image of their clients.

The authors of the series were Daniel Thibault, Isabelle Pelletier and the director was Louis Choquette. The leading actors in Mirador were Patrick Labbé, Pascale Bussières, Nathalie Coupal, David La Haye, Gilles Renaud, Normand Daneau and Catherine Trudeau.


Mauvais karma

A Quebec TV drama series written by Isabelle Langlois and broadcast on Radio-Canada as of September 2010.

Overwhelmed by events, three ex-girlfriends who no longer have anything in common tried to rekindle their friendship. After a number of setbacks, and little by little, they would once again renew their friendship, but not before overcoming several obstacles.


Les Rescapés

Les Rescapés was a series directed by Claude Desrosiers and written by Frédéric Ouellet.

In 1964, Inspector Gérald Boivin (Roy Dupuis) was floundering about in his investigation into a series of arsons, and his boss was encouraging him to take some time off. As Gérald was taking his wife Monique (Guylaine Tremblay), his three children and his elderly father on vacation, a mysterious man contacted him and arranged to meet him on Mont-Royal. But when the Boivins did meet with him, they were suddenly transported to the year 2010.



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