CKOL-FM, Community - Real Radio, Campbellford

Campbellford Radio Association

Campbellford Radio Association
The Beginning

The CRTC denied applications by Trent Valley Broadcasting Inc. for a private, commercial, community-oriented FM station at Campbellford, on June 22, 1988 and again on November 13, 1990. The Commission determined "that the financial viability and existence of a market for such an undertaking have not been adequately demonstrated." The proposed station would have operated on 98.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 50 watts (1,000 watts was proposed in the 1990 application), and hoped to offer a service distinct from existing radio services available to listeners in the area, consisting of approximately 40 hours of locally-produced programming each week (including a wide range of music). David Lockwood of Campbellford owned 63.8% of the issued common voting shares and has effective control of Trent Valley. There were four other shareholders.



On June 12, the CRTC  approved an application by Campbellford Area Radio Association for a community FM station at Campbellford on the frequency 98.7 MHz,  with effective radiated power of 50 watts, to broadcast community-oriented programming and local events during the tourist season. 

CKOL-FM went on the air. Studios were at the home of owner, Dave Lockwood, 15 Raglan Street South. The transmitter was atop the Campbellford water tower.

On November 30, an application by Campbellford Area Radio Association for a community FM station at Campbellford on the frequency 98.7 MHz, with effective radiated power of 50 watts, to broadcast community-oriented programming, was approved. The Commission noted that the station would broadcast 76 hours of programming per week of which 60 hours would be locally-produced. Under the previous licence, CKOL operated only during the tourist season.


On July 5, approval was given for a change of frequency for CKOL from 98.7 to 93.5 MHz. The change was requested because of CBCP-FM’s (Peterborough-Cobourg) move from 93.5 to 98.7 MHz.



CKOL applied to increase effective radiated power from 50 to 1,038 watts on 93.5 MHz. This application was technically mutually exclusive with an application by Pineridge Broadcasting for an FM station in Cobourg. CKOL later withdrew this application.

On August 7, CKOL was granted a move from 93.5 to 93.7 MHz and an increase in effective radiated power from 50 to 500 watts.

Campbellford along with the Northumberland townships of Seymour and Percy amalgamated to form the municipality of Trent Hills.


On July 24, Campbellford Area Radio Association was authorized to operate a low-power transmitter at Madoc. It would broadcast on 100.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 49.3 watts. 



CKOL-FM-1 Madoc signed on the air. In order to offer some local programming, the station set up a studio above Wilson’s of Madoc. The transmitter and antenna were on the Madoc water tower. As is the case with CKOL Campbellford, Madoc programming is developed by local volunteers.



On August 11, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for the English-language Type B community radio station CKOL-FM Campbellford and its transmitter CKOL-FM-1 Madoc to August 31, 2016. The Commission reminded the licensee that it is its responsibility to ensure that annual returns have been received by the Commission. 


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