CKFX-SW, Vancouver

Rogers Broadcasting

Station CKFC opened shortwave station, VE9CS. Power was two watts. It carried church services intended for reception in the interior of the province.


Around this time, VE9CS became CKFX.


CKFC gave up its licence and CKWX took over the church broadcasts and also CKFX shortwave.


In the spring, the CKFX antenna was relocated to a new CKWX transmitter site on Lulu Island. The shortwave outlet switched from directional to non-directional transmission with the reduction of antennas from two to one. It was a simple, ground mounted antenna with around thirty radials.


After an extended period of silence, CKFX was officially deleted on June 8 when the CRTC revoked the licence at the request of CKWX. It had broadcast with 10 watts of power at 6080 kHz in the 49 metre band.

The original purpose of CKFX under CKWX’s ownership was to reinforce the AM station’s coverage along the B.C. coastline, to supply news and information to these communities where no radio stations existed. It was felt that 10 watts directed north-westerly would provide adequate service. The original transmitter was designed and built by the CKWX engineering staff.

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