CCF Credit for Contribution

Paul Patskou

Paul Patskou is a video archivist and sports historian based in Toronto, Canada. He is a member of the Society For International Hockey Research (SIHR) and has worked on a number of hockey and football documentaries over the years including the CBC's 'Hockey - A People's History'. As a freelancer, Paul has been associated with the NHL, CBC, Leafs TV, TSN, Molsons, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football League. He has also contributed to a number of books and magazines including 'Total Hockey', 'Hockey - A People's History', 'Kings of the Ice', 'Ice Hockey World', "Canadian Hockey Atlas, 'The Best of Hockey Night in Canada' and other publications. Paul has appeared on television on the '75 Forever' - The Tradition of the Toronto Maple Leafs show and has been profiled on radio on the CBC's 'Inside Track' program.